Climate Change is real, and we must work together to limit its effects.

Since being elected in 2015, our Liberal government has been 100% committed to climate action. We are taking bold steps forward to conserve our environment for future generations, invest in the clean technology of the future and build back better from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although the road ahead of us is fraught with challenges, I believe there is opportunity for Canadians hidden within it. Budget 2021 positions our country to seize these opportunities with unprecedented support for clean and green initiatives. We cannot have a plan for the economy without a plan for the environment.

We are committed to exceeding our Paris climate targets and under Liberal leadership, we will reach net zero emissions by 2050 while creating a thriving, sustainable economy. By investing in our Net Zero Accelerator we know that Canada can and will be a global leader on climate action.

When we took office in 2015, annual emissions were climbing rapidly, we produced 815 megatonnes of emissions that year, but with our continued action, we will reduce our emissions by about 36% below 2005 levels by 2030. In 2021 we passed the Canadian Net-Zero Emissions Accountability Act, marking the first time a Canadian government has legislated emissions reductions accountability, we are walking the walk.

Canadians are working hard to achieve this goal and it is my commitment to you that I will do nothing but support their valiant efforts. When I am elected this September, we will work together to create a green future and a sustainable economy.

Highlights of our plan:

  • Passed Bill C-12, the Canadian Net-Zero Emissions Accountability Act
  • Working to establish the Net Zero Accelerator Program, which will invest in decarbonizing large emitters, transforming key sectors and accelerating the adoption of clean technology across the economy
  • Committed to plant 2 billion trees across Canada to clean our air and protect our communities
  • Investments of $2.65 billion in support of climate action in developing countries that are hardest hit by the impacts of global climate change
  • Introduced the Just Transition Act and Task Force to give energy workers the training and support to succeed in the clean economy
  • Invest in rural Canada through the Clean Energy Innovation Program to reduce reliance on diesel for electricity

Build the Clean Economy.

Bold & accountable, climate action done right. Support Garth and the Liberal climate plan today!

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