Everyone deserves a place to call home.

I’ve travelled all through the north and I hear one thing over and over from the people I have been talking to: “Housing is more insecure and expensive than it’s ever been.”

I want to make living in the north more affordable, and we have a comprehensive plan that will make buying a home more affordable, build more homes and bring back fairness to Canada’s housing market. I’m committed to ensuring people have a safe, affordable place to call home in the north.

We need everyone at the table to solve this crisis – municipalities, Indigenous Nations, the Province and the federal government. Our plan goes further than any other in history and is designed to attack this crisis from multiple fronts. We’ll help renters become owners and afford a downpayment faster, we’ll build and repair more affordable housing and work with our indigenous partners to co-develop an Urban, Rural, and Northern Indigenous Housing Strategy.

In my time as a City Councillor and President of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, I have advocated tirelessly for our communities, I will proudly continue this work in Ottawa when you elect me your next Member of Parliament.

Highlights of our plan:

  • Build preserve or repair 1.4 million new homes over the next four years to increase the supply of housing
  • Double the first-time home buyers tax credit from $5,000 to $10,000
  • Create a $1 Billion rent-to-own program
  • Stop “renovictions” by deterring unfair rent increases that fall outside of a normal change in rent
  • Introduce a Home Buyers Bill of Rights that would include measures to end blind bidding, provide loan payment deferrals in the event of job loss, and establish the right to a home inspection
  • Impose a ban on new foreign ownership for the next two years
  • Reduce chronic homelessness by 50% by 2027 and invest a further $567 million in addition to the $2.2 billion previously committed – to support communities across the country

A Home. For everyone.

Unlock homeownership, build more homes and protect your rights. Support Garth and the Liberal housing plan today!

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