Child care is one of the largest expenses families have.

As a parent, I know this first hand. Not only is the cost of child care far too high, but there is a desperate lack of spots for that care. We have made agreements with seven provinces, including BC, to cut fees by 50% next year and get fees to $10 a day in five years or less.

Our plan commits to creating new child care spaces, significantly reduce the cost and hire new early childhood educators. The Conservative plan does none of this. We need more than a modest tax credit to tackle this problem, we need to make the lives of northerners more affordable.

This is more than just a social issue, this is an economic one. Without access to affordable child care, parents – mostly mothers – cant work. This is an issue for all families, across sectors, regions and income brackets. Building a publicly funded system of high-quality early learning and child care will not only support working parents but create good jobs and strengthen our economy. Every dollar invested in early childhood learning returns up to $3 into our economy.

This isn’t just good for northern families, it’s good for our whole country, our whole economy. When you vote for me on September 20th, you will have the peace of mind that your vote is going to someone who understands the struggles of being a parent.

Highlights of our plan:

  • Cut childcare fees by 50% next year and get to $10 a day in five years or less
  • Build 250,000 new high-quality child care spaces
  • Hire 40,000 more early childhood educators
  • Work with Indigenous partners to ensure their children have access to culturally appropriate early learning and child care
  • Finalize agreements for child care with all remaining provinces and territories
  • Enact federal child care legislation to strengthen and protect a Canada-wide child care system
  • Make living in the north more affordable and give working parents more options

Invest in families & make life more affordable.

Cut fees, build new spaces, hire new educators and strengthen our economy. Support Garth and the Liberal child care plan today!

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