Our resources are our strength & technology will make them even stronger!

I started my entrepreneurial journey in Prince George. I founded a software company from my basement apartment while I was a student at UNBC, and grew it to an award-winning, 13 person firm in its own building downtown. Technology is the future of our economy, it will make our mills, mines and farms more efficient and sustainable. Our resources have always allowed our communities to thrive, and that won’t change, but these jobs are changing, and that is creating new and exciting opportunities for our youth.

Imagine the farm of the future. A self-driving combine working its way across a field, guided by software and a GPS. Drones flying out into the back fields to take a soil sample and check the health of crops. Sensors in a greenhouse feeding information about temperature, humidity and air quality, in real-time, to a central computer that helps optimize its environment for the vegetables inside.

I believe in a future where we embrace our plentiful natural resources and use them to create sustainable wealth. A future that young people don’t have to leave their communities to find work. A future where the north is seen as a leader in sustainability, quality of life and affordability. Don’t listen to those who tell you that you’re part of the problem, you’re not. You’re part of a bright future and when you vote for me on the 20th, know that you’re voting for the future of the north.

Highlights of our plan:

  • Continue to invest $8 billion to accelerate the rollout of wireless and high-speed internet in the north.
  • Double the Mineral Exploration Tax Credit for critical minerals that are needed for manufacturing clean technologies
  • Launch a Clean Jobs Training Center to help trades workers upgrade their skills for the clean economy
  • Continue to strengthen Canada’s Regional Development agencies so that grants and funding go to support innovation in the north
  • Reduce red tape to help companies invest in research and development

The future of Industry is Technology.

Technology will make our Mills, Mines and Farms more efficient and sustainable. Support Garth and the Liberal plan today!

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